Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grape Gelati Socks

I've been slowly but surely plugging along on some fiber I've been spinning, trying desperately to get it done. It's not that I didn't like it, I did it's just a mostly solid color and I was sick of looking at it. I wanted finished yarn, not fiber!
Yesterday I finally finished the singles and had 3 lovely bobbins of singles, ready to go.

I'm a rule-breaker and I often don't wait overnight before plying but the first bobbin was started a good long time ago (probably more than a year!) so I did want to wait overnight. It was difficult because I ran out of knitting mojo last night but I managed to wait.
It plied up very nicely though.

You may be able to see the last little bit on the outside of the bobbin got chain-plied when one bobbin ran out.

It's the lighter purpley-pink part in the middle and the darker purple to the right of it. Other than that, it plied up into a very nice yarn. We watched two movies today (since it was my Handsome Hubby's birthday and we were mostly relaxing at home) and it took both movies to get it done.

What really spurred this project on was awhile back but I remember why I started it. I had joined a Spinalong/Knitalong to spin for socks and I procured 6 ounces of BFL to spin into sock yarn. When it was finished, and it felt like it took a really long time! I was really disappointed in my yardage. Less than 400 yards. I decided I could do better and I set out to do it.
I took this lovely fiber marinating in the stash.

I set out to spin a traditional 3-ply sock weight yarn. I think I achieved that very well here. It came out to 480 yards or so and I think it will make just lovely socks.

I really do like the yarn now that it's finished but it did seem like a bit of a marathon to get through. The fiber had been purchased from a destash and was Stitches 'n Rows 4 ounces BFL in Grape Gelati. It's a little bit overplied, which I always tend to do because I like a nice, tight twist, but it should relax a bit with a wash and twack and then it can be knit into some lovely Grape Gelati socks.

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Sava said...

That yarn is amazing! It looks so soft and fine. Perfect for socks. :)