Friday, May 31, 2013

Lack of Affliction

The trouble with having a bunch of different things on the needles is that I want to work on each of those things. That means very little progress gets made. I did manage to get to the point of starting the 3-color stripes on my Color Affection.

I think it looks wonderful. I love how the colors are playing with each other. I really thought the third color and the second color would blend a lot more than they have.

As you can see though, the third does stand on its own. I love how short the rows are right now too, although they're getting longer, that's the nature of short rows.
I'm definitely enjoying this knit but I'm not planning a second or third Color Affection right now, maybe I haven't actually caught the "Affliction" some others have.
I am definitely afflicted by the weather this week though. I think that's part of my restlessness in my knitting. It's been rainy and gray every day this week with tiny little bits of sunshine here and there. I'm definitely ready for the rain to go away.

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