Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hitching a Ride

I realized the other day when I was updating my Ravelry projects that I haven't mentioned my Hitchhiker in awhile, that's because it's no longer on the needles so it slipped right out of my mind. I didn't get anywhere near my 42 points because I ran out of yarn. (That just means I need to knit it again right? To fully geek out?) It wasn't blocked but it did have its ends woven in.

I'm really surprised by how versatile the colors are too. I tend to wear a lot of solid colors and this goes very well with more colors than I would have thought. I don't wear a whole lot of orange or brown (as they aren't my favorite colors) but it goes very well with green and that little bit of bright blue in there really pops if you wear it with a bright blue shirt. I think it would go really well with that shade of purple too, if I owned a shirt that color. (side note: why don't I? I love that purple.) I think it really brightens up neutrals too. Overall it's really becoming a 'go to' object in my wardrobe which I love! I will definitely be knitting another one too. Just as soon as I figure out what I'd like to knit it from.
Since I was thinking about it and I wanted it to grow just a bit in length, I decided to block it today. As soon as it dries (which it may be already, it was beautiful and sunshiney today so I had the windows open) I can wear it everywhere again, it will be great as the weather warms up for just that little something to keep you a bit warmer, whatever it is I'm doing around town.

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