Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spinning Milestones

It's Tuesday right? That means it's spinning day! Hooray. Since my spinning this week is a little bit nondescript. I thought I'd share something with you. A milestone in my spinning.
Wait, did you want to see the nondescript spinning? To me it's pretty neat but it isn't much to look at. I'm using this tiny spindle.

And it is a tiny spindle, it's just 6.75 inches in total length. Anyway, I'm using it to slowly spin some Cormo I purchased at Shepherd's Harvest Festival the year before last. What's so cool about it is that I purchased it raw. Just in a bag full of sheep smell and lanolin and dirt. I hand washed, and processed this wool and now I'm spinning it (slowly because I'm using a tiny spindle) into a lovely little yarn. It's a two-ply and this little tiny skein is 8o yards.

It hasn't had a bath yet so it isn't perfect but I love it a lot.
Instead of spending too much time on that though, let's talk about my Spinning Milestone. Here it is!

It doesn't look like much does it? You might even be asking: What is it?

No guesses?
Well, it's a Spinning Journal.

Not long after I got my wheel I started keeping this journal of my spinning. I would put a little tuft of the fiber, a piece of a single and a piece of the finished yarn. I'd note the date I started, how much I had and what yardage it turned into.

Sometimes I put the label, sometimes I didn't and admittedly some pages are missing parts of the yarn. Sometimes I even went back and wrote what I used the yarn to knit. (This page is the fiber I spun and knit into a shawl for my Plurk Handspun Shawl Swap buddy Sairy)
That's great but what is the milestone? It's full! Full to the brim. Every page is used.

This is the page from my Frabjous Fibers that's being knit (well mostly done being knit) into the Spoke sweater. I'm so happy to have this little book full of the journey I have come on as a spinner and even though I could stop, I don't want to. I am looking for a new book to keep tracking my spinning adventures and I'm considering doing a knitting one too!

This is probably my favorite page. It's the first time I went back as a more accomplished spinner and spun a bulky yarn and it's super colorful and fun. I love the yarn and the page in the journal reflects that.
How about you? Do you keep a knitting or spinning journal?

One more thing before I sign off for today. I just wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone who sent me private messages about my last post. It's so good to hear I'm not the only one who has gone through misunderstandings and that those who know me, know I didn't mean what some others thought I meant.
Thank you.

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