Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tuesdays are for Spinning

I used to ignore the popularity among blogs of the 'Tuesdays are for Spinning' because I had other things going on Tuesdays, but no more. So why not jump on the bandwagon and show off some of the lovely things I've been spinning lately.
I keep trying to convince myself that clearing off bobbins is a really good thing and will make more space for better spinning projects (or at least ones that appeal to me more than others) but it hasn't convinced me so far. Instead I dug deep into the stash and pulled up an amazing braid of roving called 'Death to Ovarian Cancer' dyed by the lovey CJ Kopec Creations. It had little bits of white along with red, blue and brown. I wasn't sure about the colors in the braid (which I can't seem to find a photo of right now) but I love the feel of the Polwarth and silk so I spun it up.
 After I finished and washed the skein I just can't get enough of it. It reminds me of a faded denim jacket with a red heart patch. I have never seen such a jacket but it's there in my mind. It came out to about 400 yards which is much more than I thought it would be. I'm not sure what I'm going to knit it into but I love it!
At this point I really, truly tried to get back to my in-progress project but I just couldn't seem to get into it, it's some BFL in a lovely purple color but it's almost solid, which I'm trying to spin into a traditional 3-ply sock yarn and I just don't love the spinning of it right now. Instead I decided what I really needed was a quick, chunky spin to "cleanse my palette."

Back to the stash for this. It's the Gritty Knits Merino-of-the-Month from the club I'm in. It came last November and while I love it, I didn't have any concrete plans for it so I spun it up. I was even very good and let the singles rest overnight before plying. (That part is so hard for me!) It turned into some squooshy singles which I Chain-plied into some yummy, smooshy yarn.

Doesn't it look great! I managed to convince myself to wash it and then wait and wait and wait while it dried. (Seriously, it took days, it was killing me.) Finally it was dry and I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to cast on. I really do knit with my handspun.

After a brief but intense desire to knit it into a steering-wheel cover. I decided it just had to go around my neck. I chose a very simple Feather and Fan Infinity scarf pattern (although I widened it and omitted the purl row) and cast on last night.  I can't wait until this baby is done and as we seem to be getting some nasty weather (again) I should have plenty of time to wear it before the weather gets too warm.
Thoughts of summer (or at least spring, it is coming right?) lead me to thoughts of travel and travel makes me think of bringing my spinning along. That means, I've brought out my drop spindles again. Honestly over the winter I never put them away but I haven't been playing with them much lately. Every so often I flip through Respect the Spindle over at my friend's house though and it makes me want to never be without one so I started up again. (I really should just get my own copy, if for nothing other than the beauty of the book.)
I started drop spindling this fiber I picked up last year at the Shepherd's Harvest Festival. I have a ton of Merino (see the part above where I'm in a Merino-of-the-month club) but I walked past and walked past and just could not resist. It was a great price and lovely colors.

 It's green and brown and blue and a deep, dark foresty green as well. Which you can't tell at all from my spindle right now.
 I'm stuck in a brown section. I'm loving the spinning on a spindle though and I'm trying to work on it a little each day. There's nothing saying I need to finish the whole 4 ounces on the spindle (and I likely won't, I tend to lose patience) but I'm working on it bit by bit and that's something.
 I've been hearing so much about Supported spindling lately and I'm so curious to try it! I'm trying to find a good deal on a spindle that I can learn on. Mainly I'm interested in it because it's supposed to be easier on your back because you don't have to lean forward to allow your spindle to be suspended. Hopefully I won't get too obsessed since really, how many spindles does a girl need? (Don't answer that if you own more than 4, which is how many I have. Please, for the sake of my budget, don't answer.)


Lynne said...

The more spinning I see in blogs, the more my resolve NOT to start spinning slips. You, the Yarn Harlot, Natalie Servant... you're all REALLY NOT HELPING!!! ;)

Carry on!

Teresa said...

If you want to test drive some supported spindles, come on down to Anoka Fiber Works on the edge of Anoka. 2nd and 4th Saturdays are spin ins. Lots of spindles to test out. anokafiberworks.com