Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Socks

I've been getting some knitting done but it doesn't look like it because there's just a little progress on a few different things. I do have a couple of things that actually look like there's progress though.
First, one of the Wrought Iron Socks is done.

(I really cannot figure out why some of my pictures post sideways. Even when  change them and save them, they still post the wrong direction. Anyone have an answer?)
Anyway, I really think it turned out well. I can't seem to get in a groove with knitting these socks, I pretty much have to force myself to work on them even though the yarn is lovely and I love how the stitch pattern looks, I just don't want to mess with the little cables I guess.
Here's a close up of the cable, just because I think it looks so amazing.

Ahhh, pretty Twisted stitches.

I'm also making some good progress on the plain socks for the Handsome Hubby.

Still not my colors but I'm enjoying the squishy yarn and the simplicity of the sock. I did actual math to figure out when to start the heel increases, knit Wendy Johnson's Heel Flap heel and started the ribbing right away so when I get halfway through with the yarn, I can just bind off immediately. I liked knitting this heel, it's got an unusual shape though so I don't know how it will wear or feel once the sock is on, time will tell.
I realized the other day though that if I'm going to do any Christmas knitting this year, I should really get going!


Selana said...

oh, I like the cabled socks... but I'm in the same boat with a pair I'm knitting, I have to force myself to work on them

Teresa said...

Lovely cables on those socks. Very nice.

MorbidiaDrekk said...

So pretty! I love cables.