Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Very Good Mail Day

I guess if you post pictures of your handsome hubby and then link to your blog on Facebook and you are friends with his friends on Facebook too, they will go to your blog and then tell him they saw the pictures of him. He knew I was posting them but I'm not entirely sure he wanted his friends to see them. Oh well, I think he's adorable and that's all that counts right?
On to the actual fiber content. First, I've been knitting like mad on my Skew socks, I really thought I was going to run out of yarn (so much so that I ordered another whole skein from someone's destash)  it hasn't arrived yet but that's okay, I have this much left.
And that's after...

I finished them. After I finished the first sock, I weighed the ball (never mind that I didn't weigh it before I started) and I had 1-7/8 ounces left. That's less than half of 4 ounces so I was sure I was going to run out. Since they're an unusual construction, I wasn't sure what to do but find more of the yarn so I did. That's okay, I really love the colors so I can always knit something else when it arrives or destash it if I change my mind.
So, let's jump right into
The Specs:

The Yarn: Vesper Sock Yarn in Witchy Woman which is a Halloween colorway. Lime green, purple and black stripes
The Needles: I used two sizes of DPNs for these socks US 1s (2.25mm) and US 2s (2.75mm)
The Pattern: Skew by Lana Holden from Knitty
The Modifications: Like I said, I knit the foot on size 1s and switched to size 2s when I started the heel parts to make them fit my feet. Otherwise the heel was too tight and the leg would not have fit either.
The Notes: My gauge changed on the second sock after I switched to the heel and larger needles so the tops are not identical even though the feet are. I'm not sure why it changed but it did and I love them anyway.

I just love how the heels look together but it's really, really hard to take a picture of your own heels. Did you know that?

Since I finished these lovely socks, I decided to start some more. Plain, plain plain this time.

This yarn was a gift from a friend without a tag so I'm not sure what it is and it's certainly not my favorite colors but he needs some more hand knit socks for this winter so it will work. They're very soft and squishy so I can deal with the colors. These are plain so I can do other things while I work on them. Like read or not go crazy. With 12-inch long feet, there's a lot of knitting that goes into socks for the hubby.

I also went a little bit crazy with destash purchases this last week and things have started arriving.

Today was a very good mail day. (Please note that two of those items are from the Gritty Knits Merino of the month club and the Gritty Knits Nom of the month club so I really only have 3 destash purchases there.)

If you'd like more information about any of them, check out my Ravelry stash, I'll be uploading them all today.


Selana said...

love the socks, great colours

Lisa Christensen said...

Swirly goodness!