Saturday, October 13, 2012

Handsome Hubby Handwarmers

If you are friends with me on Ravelry you may have noticed that I started a new project yesterday. I called it Handsome Hubby Handwarmers. There's a reason for that.

Here he is. My nerdy guy. (Notice the Captain America T-shirt) He sits in an area at work where cold air blows on him so he's been wearing his jacket while at work. I offered to make him some handwarmers to keep him from freezing his hands while working. He has enough trouble with dryness and splitting hands in the winter. He agreed if a "manly" color of yarn could be found in my stash. How little he knows about the stash.

I dug out this blue worsted-weight yarn that I had previously dyed blue with my friend Lisa. It was meant to make something for him as a matter of fact. I started these yesterday morning and finished them this morning. They're a very fast knit.
So, here are The Specs:
The Yarn: Fisherman's Wool dyed "Superman Blue" by myself and my friend Lisa
The Needles: US 7 (4.50mm) DPNs
The Pattern: Dashing by Cheryl Niamath. (A Knitty pattern)
The Modifications: None, I actually knit these to pattern. Wait! No, I only knit 10 rounds after the thumb rather than 18.
The Notes: These have mirrored cables so you can tell which hand they go to but they're similar enough to be interchangeable. I've knit this pattern several times before and I still like it. I have a pair and I knit them for my stepsister at one time too.

I think he likes them and we had some fun with this photo shoot. Hopefully they'll keep his fingers warm at work too.

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Selana said...

just saw this... great hand warmers, and nice husband :-) I love geeky men... and he seems to like his new handknit items