Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally the Green-Brown Yarn Story

After spending Saturday relaxing at home, we ran all day on Sunday. First church followed by a birthday party for my husband's grandma. She's 90 now! It's sure amazing to see how her life has progressed and the friends she has made along the way.
Well, after spending all day Sunday running my darling husband and I seem to have picked up some sort of bug. Both of us have been sick for days. Since I've been lying mostly comatose in bed I haven't gotten a lot of knitting or crocheting or anything else done. (You should see the pile of dishes in the kitchen. It's scary. Anyone want to come and wash them for me? Please? No? No takers huh? I guess I'll have to try to find the strength somewhere.) Anyway, instead of new projects, I have a couple of things to show off from the last couple of weeks.

First, I have a lovely snowflake dishcloth I crocheted. The pattern was free on a display of Bernat Cotton at JoAnn Fabrics. I originally picked it up because my mom was interested in it. I thought if I crocheted it first, then when she inevitably calls with questions, I would have some idea what they wanted and would be able to help.

I really like the result though. It's pretty enough to be decorative and it almost makes me want to wash the dishes. Not quite though. I think I will have to make a few more to have around for dish-washing though. If you're interested in it, you don't need to trek out to your local JoAnn's though, the pattern is also available online here.

I did feel the need to start a new sock on Saturday too. I really don't know why, I have several going right now. I wound up some yarn I had spun last year. It's the Zarzuela Sock Stripes yarn. I talked about spinning it here. I cast on a sock from the toe-up and so far, I haven't gotten very far.

It's turning out lovely though and I'm very happy to be knitting it.

As promised, I also have a bit of spinning to show off. First, the singles I showed off last week. They plied up into some lovely yarn. I got about 246 yards despite swiping a bit of the fiber to put into other spinning projects. I'm not sure what it would like to be yet though. I find that's so often true when I spin something.

Speaking of spinning something, I finally have a photo of the cursed yarn.

I'm joking of course, I don't really believe the yarn is cursed but it has had some serious problems. I originally received it in July 2011 for the Gritty Knits Merino-of-the-month club. I liked the colors and the subtlety of it but I knew it wasn't going to be exciting to spin, it was too subtle for that. I started spinning it with the intention of navajo plying and I should have known it was going to have issues when it seemed to be taking forever to get though the fiber, the singles were turning out lovely until...
the thread of singles broke while I was spinning. Normally that's no big deal, you just find the end, splice it and keep going right? Except! I could NOT find the end. I searched and searched. I finally created an end by snapping the singles and kept going with the spinning, trying to forget about the issues it had. I finished the singles before Christmas, but set the bobbin aside in order to finish all the projects I had going for gifts. When I finally took it out and started plying, I found no lack of breakage and when I got to that same spot where the singles had broken, I had the same problem, not being able to find the end. I got so frustrated, I set the bobbin aside and finally had to have my friend WoolPrincess help me find that end. I managed to finish the plying and wind the yarn off with no further incident. It really is lovely yarn and I have a whopping 544 yards of Navajo-plied yarn. If only I can bring myself to get past its issues and knit the yarn now. It will definitely have a time-out for awhile and then we'll see.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to get a little something done. Maybe some laundry could get folded. Let's just ignore those dishes for one more day.

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