Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Okay, so I have a wicked case of startitis. Maybe it's the cold weather, I couldn't tell you. Today it's really windy and Really cold. I am thinking about going back to bed just to warm up my feet.
Anyway, I finally finished the hat and scarf set.
grr, that picture looks even worse than I thought it would. (Don't mind me, I'm having an argument with my digital camera and if it doesn't shape up soon, it will be in the trash can before dinner!)
Its made with Moda Dea Richochet yarn. I had some onhand that I got on clearance and I sort of like the hat and scarf but it's not my style. I'm not sure who I will give it to so I am putting it away for Christmas. Never hurts to be prepared.
Since I finished that and I only had one pair of socks on the needles:
Purple Rotating Rib socks. (Toe up) I will have to post the stats on the yarn later because I don't have it with me right now. They're fun but not really a ignore-what-you're-doing kind of sock because they are rotating so you have to remember to rotate. Plus I'm getting a little sick of them.

So, I decided that before the winter blahs get me down, I should get out my beautiful STR Sock Yarn that I ordered last spring. I'm trying so hard to cut back on the sock yarn in the stash. I have a really cute little tin bucket that sits next to my knitting spot and I have made myself a rule that all my sock yarn needs to fit inside it. One day, I'll remember to take a picture of it.

Right now, the thing is overflowing. Because of that, I wish, I really wish that this STR yarn wasn't so great. No offense to the lovely people over there at Blue Moon Fiber Arts but I really wish their website wasn't calling my name. I followed our lovely Harlot's advice and used the Feather and Fan Socks Pattern from Socks, Socks, Socks.

I didn't get the same results.

I don't completely hate them but I don't really love them either. The yarn is a beautiful color that's called Lemongrass that is sublime. Very springy and makes me not hate the gray outside quite so much. I am knitting them on US Size 2 needles and they are swirling very strangely. Within the color (you can't really tell) they do change. There's the brownish mixed in with the yellow and lighter greens mixed together but I can't decide if I want to keep it or rip it. Last night while thinking about it, I just kept knitting. I am apparently a glutton for punishment.
I'll let you know the fate of these another day and I'll post my other new projects when I am not arguing with the camera.

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