Friday, January 04, 2008

Ah, the sighs of relief

So, the holidays are finally over. I did manage to finish the last sock on the morning of Christmas Eve. At least it was before we had to leave the house.
I haven't been around much because of the many holiday celebrations and the nasty cold thing that has it's fickle little grip on me.
Hubby and I are starting a "healthier living" thing. It involves more exercise and eating right. In order to get on track I'm logging our calories and so, planning and cooking healthy meals and logging in our calories has taken up some of my time. Hubby is sick too and we all know how men can be when they are sick.
"I don't feel well, wait on me hand and foot despite the fact that you are sick too." Actually, he's not too bad, but I am the official household soup-maker. Luckily, it's been canned soup lately since I haven't felt like doing anything.
I should have at least one finished thing next week. Until then, happy knitting.

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