Thursday, January 24, 2008

Warm, Cozy wool is my friend today

So, the weather advisory for this morning said that exposed skin freezes in 15-20 minutes. This isn't good. I have decided that I won't be leaving the warmth and safety of the house today. It actually took the promise of some nice, hot coffee to even get me out of my warm, cozy bed.
The thermometer outside of the kitchen window says -20 and that doesn't take into account the wind chill. It's cold. Way too cold. Crazy cold. This is the kind of day when you are very happy you are a knitter and have a house filled almost to the brim with wool. I'm pretty sure that I will just be snuggling up with some of that lovely wool today. I am really trying to be strong and work on projects that are already started. It's not entirely easy. The biggest thing I am trying to finish right now is the Red and blue scarf and hat set. The hat is done and I am just trying to run out of the yarn on the scarf. It's taking some willpower though. Not only do I long for the new projects, I think they might be calling my name, but I am dying with the length of the rows. I don't know what compelled me to think it was a good idea to knit a scarf the long way. Plus it's garter stitch so it's really boring. I find myself wishing for some fiddly, tiny lace knitting. Which is a good thing because the other thing I want to finish is my Mystery Stole 3.
Anyway, off to play with my wool now.

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