Friday, January 18, 2008

Ah the frozen fingers, how the make typing interesting

So, I realized today that I may be getting just a wee bit lazy in terms of blogging. Of course the whole reason I started to blog is to share my projects with the world. Or at least keep a record for myself, complete with pictures. If I don't write things, how will I keep a record? Hmm, interesting thought.
What's been going on that I haven't been blogging? Well, nothing really. I got the cold to end all colds that appears to be spreading like wildfire around the blogging world. If you haven't got it, take your Vitamin C, you for sure don't want it. I am starting to feel better but the old nose still won't stop with the constant streaming so I'd better not go very far from a tissue, like Ever! Grrr. Hubby even got a bit of it and missed a couple of days of work. It's also been so cold around here it's ridiculous. I find myself getting up for awhile to play on the computer or you know, do things to keep the health department from coming in to tell us we can no longer wallow in the filth or cook something and then I get so cold that I can't feel my extremities and go back to bed for several hours. The excessive sleeping I'm sure is in large part to the cold but I don't seem to be getting a whole lot done lately.
I did hear a story about some bloggers who are setting 12 goals this year to create twelve things. I like that although I don't think I want to set them all at once.
I will start by saying that I want to finish my mystery stole 3. It would be helpful if, you know, it was done before #4 started. Then I have that red and blue scarf and hat set. I have been working on that for over a year and it's not that difficult, I should just finish it. My trouble with the motivation on this one is that I don't know who to give it to. I created an interesting design and while I like it, I know it isn't my taste and I won't wear it, but who to give it to is quite a conundrum. Hmm, well, I'm off to do a little of that cooking and then probably back to bed to warm up the toesies.
By the way, yes our heat is on and the cold I am feeling is through flannel pajama pants, handknit wool socks, slippers, a t-shirt and a large sweatshirt. I promise that it isn't imagined. Shiver

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