Saturday, February 01, 2014

Not Plan

After finishing and blocking my sort of epic Holden Shawl (I have decided mine is really too big to be called a shawlette) things have been a little slow. I can't seem to get back into any of the projects I had going before and I don't really want to start something new again so I've been spinning.
I started with this braid of Merino from Gritty Knits.

I got it in the Merino of the month club awhile ago and it is not my usual colors at all but I adore it. It had browns and tans and a bit of pink and some dark, deep browny black. It was so unusual that I wanted an unusual kind of yarn. I split the braid in half lengthwise and drafted the first half. I'm just spinning it how it would like to be spun and plan to chain-ply it when I'm done with it.

I just finished the first half and it's got lots of spaces where the singles are marled because two colors came together, I think it's going to be a very unusual, almost tweedy-looking yarn. I'm enjoying a quick and fairly easy spin too, no agenda, no ultimate plan but to make pretty yarn. Sometimes it's fun to let go and not have a plan.

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