Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Handspun Ocean Waves

Tuesdays are for spinning so I can share my lovely finished Merino. I split it lengthwise and spun each half, with a little bit of predrafting, onto a bobbin.

They look pretty uneven but I was actually impressed that they came out within about 15 yards of each other. Not messing with singles to make more yarn always makes me happy. I waited the requisite overnight and plied the next day.

I absolutely love how it came out. Bluey-green and wonderful. There is some color variation but it's almost a semisolid which I really like and I'm not sure what it would like to be but I think it's lovely just as it is for now.

It's a pretty true, fairly even fingering weight. (There's always a little bit of variation with handspun and I think that's part of its charm. If it were perfect, it wouldn't be handspun.) The skein is 430 yards so it's a great amount to knit something lovely. I think it looks just like the waves in the ocean so although the braid is just called "January 2013" I'm calling my finished yarn; Ocean Waves.
I'm currently in a bit of a funk knitting-wise. I really don't love anything I'm knitting and therefore don't want to work on any of it. There may be some forced finishing or some ripping in my near future. I need to seriously dig through what's being worked on and what's in limbo and make some decisions. Then I can cast on something new without guilt right?

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