Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mission: Steek

Hey, remember this?

I didn't make it to our group steeking event at knit night the other night so instead I had to do it solo. I decided I would document it though. That would make me feel like someone was there with me, helping me through it. I had knit the cozy and it was all ready.
Next, the pattern (Steek this Coffee Cozy) called for you to crochet your steeks.

I did that part. As you can see, I used a contrasting color of yarn. I thought it would help but looking back I would use something a little less contrasting. Just in case it would show on whatever it is I would be steeking. Or I would machine-stitch it.
Next of course is the scary part. Taking a scissors to it! Eek!

Whew! So far, it seems to be holding together. I think I may have done this right.

Next you pick up stitches on the side and knit that ribbing. Then do it again on the other side.
Then you have to sew down your steeks.

Steeks sewn down. All that's left is blocking and buttons. I blocked first and then sewed on buttons.

Vintage buttons from my button bin.

Tah-dah! I am not sure about how it came out. I feel like the steeks where sewn down are a little lumpy. Maybe it's just me but I would be very careful of that if it were a garment. Otherwise, it was a fun project and got me to do something I would not normally have undertaken.
Plus, now I have an adorable new coffee cozy. If you need me, I'll be over here drinking out of my to go cup even though I'm at home in my pajamas.

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JessicaM said...

yours turned out great! I'm not quite done with mine yet, but I agree with you that the steek edges are not as flat as I'd like. I think a seam might be a better choice for a garment.

also, I love that we ended up using the same blue and green as main colors with white for the accent. Even though I used a different pattern, I feel a warm & fuzzy sense of solidarity every time I see yours!