Friday, August 16, 2013

Contest Winner (and some other stuff)

This has been a somewhat odd week. I can't seem to remember what day of the week it is at any given time. That's partly because I was up all night on, I think, Wednesday night for no apparent reason. I just couldn't sleep. I did get lots of spinning and knitting time because I wasn't asleep though.
I've been focusing on cleaning off bobbins this week because I will be demonstrating spinning at Forest City Stockade this weekend! I will be there Sunday, in costume, spinning so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of cleared-off bobbins. As part of that, I thought I could get something finished so I really focused on my Targhee, it was taking up multiple bobbins.
Now, however.

I divided this fiber by weight to spin a traditional 3-ply. I have no idea if my scale malfunctioned or if it was just me not doing it right but the second bobbin ran out long before the first and third, since the singles were pretty consistent, I don't know how that happened. I wasn't sure about doing a center-pull ball with one and plying from inside/outside and using the other bobbin so instead I just chain-plied the remaining singles. It was a lot more singles than I would have thought it would be! I ended up with about 180 yards of chain-plied yarn and about 290 yards of the traditional 3-ply for a total of 470 yards. I wound it all into one skein so I'm not sure how I will knit it when I decide to work with it. I'm really happy how it came out though! It's very even and consistent, not over-plied or really over-spun.

Even immediately after removing it from the niddy noddy it didn't twist very much at all. I love how squooshy and bouncy it seems too. I think this will get knit into something beautiful in the near future.
I'm really trying to focus on finishing off some projects because I feel like I don't get things done if I have too many things to divide my time between but a new pattern was released today. It's called Cursed Cable Mitts and a dear online friend really wanted someone to KAL it with her so she gifted me the pattern, leading me to decide the lovely Malabrigo sock that wasn't working in the Lohengrin socks should become these lovely mitts.

Isn't it lovely? I think the subtle color changes, that were too much for the very complex Lohengrin pattern will be just right for this slowly shifting cable. If you decide to knit this pattern too, let me know so we can KAL together!
I'm also starting to daydream about another shawlette. I found this lovely skein of yarn the other day (unlabeled, for shame!)

It's sort of a brown and green with hints of purple handspun 2-ply and I have a little over 500 yards. I am thinking of knitting Multnomah again. It's such a fun knit and turns out so pretty. I think that little bit of extra yarn might make it that little bit larger that I'd like. I'm not sure what yarn this is, I need to find my spinning journal that's full and look it up, but I'm pretty sure that it has silk in it because it has a lovely shine. I plan to finish my Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief before casting this on so it's not too much of a rush yet.
One last order of business, the thing you really came for right? The blog contest from my 400th post is now finished! I selected the winner via and the winner is: *insert drumroll sound here* Jenna! Jenna is a real-life friend so I am very excited to spin this lovely Falkland just for her!

Congratulations Jenna and thank you everyone for entering! I love doing contests so I will probably do another one soon.

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