Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shrug it Off and Knit Hexipuffs

Blogger has changed some things, I'm not sure if I like it yet or not but here goes my first trial to get a post written using the new tools.

I promised pictures of the new shrug and so, here they are.

This is the whole thing. It really looks like a tiny short sweater. I really think it came out pretty much just what I wanted. I like how long the sleeves are, I started the ribbing earlier than I should have really because I kept feeling like I would run out of yarn but now that it's finished, I really like how long the ribbing is on the sleeves, it adds an unexpected element. The one thing I would have done a bit differently had I actually had more yarn? 

I would have made the body just a few rows longer, maybe added more ribbing. Really I would have gotten more into a cropped sweater territory and that's not what this is supposed to be. If you would like more information on this project, check out my Ravelry Project page. I just don't have the energy to say more about it.

I have been feeling a little bit mentally worn out lately. There has been a great deal of critter sitting as well as tons of other activities going on and it just burned me out a little bit. I'm taking a little bit of a mental break. The only thing I'm working on that requires mental power is my secret project. The other project I've been focusing on?

Yup, Hexipuffs. I fell down the beekeeper's quilt rabbit hole. I actually bought the pattern quite awhile ago (in September of last year according to my Ravelry Library), pretty soon after it first came out and I knit a few but then put them away, I had too many other commitments. I dug them out the other day and started up again.

 As you can see, I'm actually attaching mine as I go, I think it really helps to make it seem less daunting and each one really does feel like a finished object. A finished object that took very little time and very, very little brain power.

So far I'm having a lot of fun with it and I feel no pressure about it. I think I will just work on it until I feel like I've had enough, then start work on something else. It's slowly growing though and I set it on my leg the other day while attaching a hexipuff and was surprised how quickly and efficiently my leg warmed up there so I do think it will be a warm little lap blanket or whatever it ends up being when I find myself sick to death of it and call it finished.

Please note these are the promised crappy cell phone pictures since my computer still doesn't like my camera. I think for crappy cell phone pictures they actually aren't that bad!

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