Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Which Technology is Bickering

I wanted to blog earlier this week and share the shrug that I did manage to finish, despite not attending the wedding where I had planned to wear it. My lovely husband still went to the wedding and did a lovely job singing but I got to stay home all weekend. It was quite decadent as a matter of fact.

The reason I didn't blog earlier this week and don't have any lovely photos right now is because my camera and computer have decided not to get along. For some reason the computer (who seems to be generally crabby lately) seems to think the camera gets "all the glory" and refuses to cooperate. The camera gets fussy then and refuses to talk to the computer at all. (Really I think there's a problem with the USB drive and the cord doesn't want to connect properly but I think my version sounds way better)

Until I get this situation figured out, photos will be few and far between and when there are photos, they might be crappy cell phone pictures. I apologize in advance.

I did finish the shrug as I said and now I'm full on focused on the secret project anyway so I can't share that. I did manage to finish the first braid of the Grinchy project too so I am making some headway with that as well.

I'm going to try using the camera to connect to the computer at the critter house tomorrow but either way, I'll hopefully have a better update later.

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