Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Two Rows

Things have been absolutely crazy around here lately, to the tune of the fact that I haven't really even thought about posting. I want to, I need the outlet if nothing else but I've been too busy to do it.

So, instead, I'll bring to you all up-to-date on my most recent adventure. Its not knitting related except that I was on the way to knit night.

Our group meets every month on the same date, regardless of what day of the week it is so that it alternates every month. Then, those who can't make it on a certain day of the week for whatever reason, have the opportunity to make it to other days. It seems to work well. Anyway, our date is the 19th so a couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to Knit night. I have to travel about 30 miles to Knit night and I travel down a major highway to get there. I was on my way when I noticed, near a bridge over some water that an animal had been hit on the side of the road. I realized it must be a duck when I noticed a little group of ducklings waddling around alone on the side of the road, obviously upset and trying to figure out what to do.

What could I do? I turned around, went back and picked up the 5 little birds. What did I have in my car to put them in? This sounds awful.

Only a large stock pot that I had purchased to use as a dye pot. So, there they were, little birds in a big pot. Several of them tried to jump out but luckily the sides were JUST high enough that they couldn't. You can sort of see one of them in there.

So now I had stopped and picked up these birds but what on earth was I supposed to do with them? I obviously had no way to rehabilitate them and they were not meant to be pets. I drove into town to meet up with my other knitters and we talked about it. We looked up numbers and I called all over. We tried to give them water, they tried to swim in it and ended up spilling it all over.

I tried to call the DNR but they were closed as it was after 5:00. (I find this somewhat ridiculous. There are animals to be helped more than just 8-5!)
Finally, finally, I got the number of a lady in our area who takes in animals and rehabilitates them. I drove them out to her house and dropped them off.

She obviously knew all about what to do and even knew that these were Mergansers not ordinary Mallard Ducks.

My car ride home seemed oddly quiet but somehow I felt like I had earned my keep on this earth for a day. For about an hour and a half there, I had 5 birds. They sure were sweet too but I'm so glad they have a chance to be the wild birds they were born to be.

That is the reason I was only able to knit 2 rows on my scarf at Knit Night. Well worth it I'd say.

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Teresa said...

Awww... they are so cute. That was a wonderful thing you did to rescue them.