Friday, June 18, 2010

There's just something about Fridays

I keep trying to post more often, I make this plan and then get busy and don't seem to have the time but then Friday comes around and I feel bad and here I am posting the only time this week, again.
It's definitely for a good cause though. I mentioned last week that I hadn't been knitting nearly as much as I've been spinning. That is so true.
Here we have the results of my recent spinning.

On the left you will find the pound of roving that was dyed at Shepherd's Harvest by me, in the dyeing class.

They sure turned out nice didn't they? Let's have a close-up shall we?

All 5 skeins were navajo-plied to keep the colors together and I think they turned out really nicely, although they are different weights, too much time between spinning means inconsistency.

On the right, you will find a little skein, this wee little thing may not look like much but it's a lovely Merino/Alpaca blend that a friend gave me a little sample of and I spindle spun it. I actually came out with over a hundred yards of a lovely two-ply. Again, let's take a closer look.

Its somewhere between a light fingering weight and a heavy lace-weight. I love it. I can't wait to find something beautiful to knit with it. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about this, although the yardage may be somewhat light for that. We'll see.

I'm off to see my parents again for a few days so my spindle's packed in my bag because, well, I am training for the Tour de Fleece and I am trying to spin every day.

Although, I did dye up some very nice yarn.

It's a lovely skein dyed with black food coloring that broke in all the right ways and it is currently on some needles and I am dying to knit more with it.

Secrets though, I'll have to wait to tell you what I'm knitting and keep you in suspense.

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