Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesdays really are for Crocheting

Here I am following up with my goal to post more often.

Today's Tuesday and those of you who have been following for awhile know that Tuesdays are for Crocheting because I moderate an Open Crochet Night at our local crafts store.

So, here it is, a crochet project. This is a baby blanket for my Step-sister who is due very, very soon.

I am gifting it to her on Friday at her baby shower and I'm pretty sure there's no way she will see it here on my blog so I'm not worried.

The yarn is some Bernat Softee chunky that I had in the stash and its just a simple design that I made up. There's a Double crocheted center in white, then I went round and round the edge with double crochet in the blue variegated. I did one round of white to add interest.

I seriously wondered about using this acrylic yarn for a baby gift, however, the blanket isn't very big, it's more like something to throw over a car seat as the weather gets cool or to be drug around the house as he learns to walk so it wouldn't be something used for sleeping. I am also proud that I stash-busted to make this lovely little blanket. It took me less than 2 full crochet nights, so less than 6 hours to make this lovely gift and less than 4 balls of yarn.
I think the bulkiness of the yarn and the fact that it's acrylic and therefore less likely to be ruined by the stepsister who I am not sure has a healthy understanding of caring for handmade items will make this a wonderful gift for the new little nephew that should be here in a few short weeks.

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