Friday, June 19, 2009

Nanners are off the Needles

Awhile back I went through this phase where I started a whole bunch of new things. The issue with this of course is that it feels like nothing ever gets finished because you knit on this or that, here or there and end up with something worked on and some other thing worked on and still another thing worked on but nothing finished. Then I tend to go back and get frustrated and maybe frog a few things but ultimately at least finish a few things. So, finally I managed to finish another thing to talk about.

Hey, remember awhile back when I dyed some yarn? Then I started knitting the Nanners pattern? Well, I finally have a completed pair of socks.

It doesn't seem to matter what I do, the photos of this yarn just aren't as nice as real life. Plus the colors look much more garish than they do in real life.

The pattern, which is written by the lovely Wendy Johnson was written toe-up but I chose to knit it from the top down because I didn't want to have to do a short-row heel. I don't think they fit my feet quite as well and I personally don't think they look quite as nice. Of course, this was before I purchased Wendy's new book and found that there is a way to knit a traditional heel flap heel from the toe up.
But, it did allow me to put a lovely picot edge on the top of the sock rather than the ribbing it called for.

So, I suppose I had better give you...

The specs:
The Yarn: Kroy Sock, in whitecap. Dyed by me with Easter Egg dye. 2 skeins
The Needles: Bamboo DPNs size US2
The Pattern: Nanners, as mentioned (and linked in Ravelry) above.
The Recipient: Me.
Notes: Like I said, I knit these from the top-down rather than toe-up as the pattern is written and I knit a picot edge instead of ribbing.

Oh, I also used DPNs instead of the two circular needles the pattern calls for.

The results: Love them! If it weren't so warm and humid outside I would definitely have these babies on my feet 24/7.

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