Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Which I 'fess up.

Anyone who isn't a first-time reader of this blog will probably realize that I'm not always entirely forthcoming with my list of projects. That's because I tend to pick up something and set it aside willy nilly, without actually finishing it.

I do eventually go back and finish most things although there is the occasional frogging incident. But today I decided that I should mention a couple of things that I have been working on.

Firstly, I finally purchased a copy of Wendy Johnson's new book. Socks from the Toe Up. I love it and I especially love that there is a heel that can be done toe up that looks just like a traditional top down heel. That's what really holds me back from knitting toe-up socks so I am anxious to try it. I went stash diving and came up with some lovely chocolate colored yarn to knit a pair of socks to try out this heel. I know these will be wonderful staples when they are finished but I'm already a little sick of knitting plain old brown socks so I'm telling myself that they are chocolate colored to make them more interesting to knit. So far it seems to be working although being bored with the color before the first heel is turned does not bode well.

Here's the first one though. It's coming along and will soon be ready for the heel turn.

A friend (some say an extremely good friend to do this) was going out of town so she loaned me her beautiful spinning wheel while she was gone for a good month. I of course spun up everything I could get my greedy little hands on, including some beautiful fiber she had dyed. This is a lovely sock blend that contains some bamboo. Since I spun this very first on the wheel and there is some definite learning curve, it's not perfect. Thick and thin in some places and mostly pretty overspun. I still think it's beautiful and I wanted to use it for something but it wasn't a very big skein because it was only half of the 4 ounces of fiber so I looked through the ever useful book 101 One-Skein Wonders. I found a pattern called the Little Ruff which is a beautiful ruffled neck warmer. I think it will look very nice this fall and not just warm my neck but be a very nice accessory so I cast on almost immediately.

As you can see, I'm nearly finished. It's quite addicting to knit your own handspun. Entirely too much fun. I still have the other half of the 4 ounces that came out to be closer to sock weight so eventually I'll try to find some use for that as well. (Possibly with that beautiful One-Skein Wonders book.)

Today though? Today is Tuesday which for me means Crochet. Maybe we'll talk about that tomorrow.

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