Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Deadline Knitting

So, apparently I do well under pressure. I don't know why I let myself get under pressure but I definitely do. Case in point:
This is supposed to be a gift for my cousin. For her wedding coming up on the 25th of THIS month. Why I waited so long to start it I have no idea. I had the materials months ago. Now I'm finding that my original plan (which was to take a thread crochet doily pattern and crochet it with larger yarn and a bigger hook so it made a throw) isn't making it big enough so now I'm trying to figure out how to expand the pattern to make it bigger. Eep!
I also have about 7 pairs of socks going. I keep saying I should cut back so I can get some done but with Christmas coming up that just isn't happening. When I finally finish something, I immediately start something new.
I finished these lovely socks for my Mother-In-Law for Christmas.
Yarn: 1 skein Alpaca Yarn Co Handpainted Sock Yarn
Needles: Size 2 needles.
The pattern: Waffle Socks, somewhat improvised because I couldn't find the pattern I wanted.
Finished Size: Ladies Size Medium
Notes: This picture does them absolutely no justice. The color is more of a warm reddish brown with some blue and grey.
Within 24 hours I cast on these:
Austermann Step Socks for my Father-in-Law for Christmas. They are the ones that have Aloe and Jojoba oil in them. I'm looking forward to it conditioning my hands and then my Father-in-Law can enjoy the conditioning of his feet. I just started these last Friday but I took them to the movies so I got a good bit done while watching Batman: The Dark Knight. Excellent movie but very say that Heath Ledger is now gone. But then again I live with a comic book geek guy so I can't really be unbiased.
Maybe tomorrow I will talk about my obsession with this.

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