Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still waiting for the lightning strike

So, yesterday I mentioned crochet and my head didn't explode. I wasn't struck dead by a bolt of lightning. Actually, nothing bad happened. Except of course, I'm obsessed.
Yeah, I started a little stash busting exercise of crocheting a dishcloth out of four strands of the tiny crochet thread you use for doilies. (I have a lot which is not entirely my fault.) It turned out really nice which got me to thinking about other color combinations. Yeah, I am doing a second dishcloth in the red and now I've started a gold and white one too.
Sheesh. At least I think I could use them as Christmas gifts so its not only stash-busting but also Christmas gifting.
They're way too boring to take pictures of. I'm also not posting them as projects on Ravelry. It's really not worth the effort. Maybe once they're done I'll take a picture of them all together to post here. We'll see.

As an added note to the other person who lives in this apartment:
No man was ever shot while doing the dishes and it wouldn't kill you to wipe up the crumbs you left everywhere either.

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