Thursday, October 23, 2008

killme. killme. killme.

This is what has been running through my head for the last several days. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Our friend Mike attended our October Birthdays gathering of friends last weekend. He had this nasty cold. Despite the fact that we stayed far away from him, I am definitely sick with a nasty terrible version of this same cold. (But I'm not bitter or anything). I am seriously considering sending him an email chastising him for exposing me to this nasty, horrible cold but I don't have the energy to type that. Plus that means opening a whole new web page. I don't have the strength.

I also suddenly realized how close we are coming to the deadline for the wedding throw. Yeah, the wedding is THIS Saturday. As in 72 hours from now. (How sad is it that my brain is so germ-addled that I had to ask hubby how many days 72 hours is to make sure that I had it right. I'm still not entirely sure that I am right about it being three days away but oh well.) So, yesterday, and the day before if you're keeping track, I bribed myself with a game. I downloaded this really addicting game onto my cell phone called Collapse Chaos. I want to do nothing but play it all day long. In order to make myself finish the throw, I told myself that I could play one level of the game every time I finished one round of the throw. It worked.
Here it is; preblocked.

It's been a pain in the arse and I am thoroughly sick of it but it's finally done and it will be a beautiful gift. It's spread out over my bed right now. I'm hoping it will be dry before I want to go to sleep. Since I kinda feel like going to sleep right now and it's still quite wet, I think it might be an issue.
Since I have been in deep, deep denial about the deadline for this project, I did manage to finish this:
It's a pair of socks for my mother for Christmas. They are knit out of SWTC's Tofuttsies. I think they turned out pretty well so I'm glad they are done and look good.
As another entire branch of my denial I also started this:

It's going to be a scarf. It's knit using the Yarn Harlot's One-Row Handspun Scarf pattern and it's knit of Patons Decor in Autumn Varg. I have two skeins and plan to just knit until I run out. I'm using size 6 needles which is smaller than I would normally have chosen but I didn't like the color repeats on size 8s and I have this nice wooden pair of 6s so there you go. (I'm not bitter about the fact that I was about a foot and a half into the pattern when I realized I didn't like the color repeats on 8s or anything. Not at all. No, never. Okay, maybe just a little bit.) I bought this yarn without thinking last year to knit felted clogs for my cousin. She really loves these autumn colors. Yeah, check the label before using dummy. They are not feltable. They aren't 100% wool. I even swatched and attempted felting to make sure it wouldn't work. It doesn't. So now it will be a scarf for her. The purple will match her coat and I think she'll love the colors so it should make a really nice Christmas gift for her.
I'm going to go drink some tea and blow my nose for the millionth time. Maybe by Saturday I won't want to be killed anymore.

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