Friday, October 10, 2008

Counting down

So, yesterday, at about 5:00 am when I was still freaking up because I couldn't sleep, I took a long, hard look at the calendar. Yeah, um, we are in trouble.

Disclaimer: If you are faint or have a heart condition look away. Do not read the following sentence!

As of today it is 74 days until Christmas.

Yes, that's right. 74 days. I feel sick.

To make myself feel better about my complete and utter lack of finished projects. Okay, I think I've finished 2. My list is pretty long though. I finished something.
This is the first sock of what will hopefully be a pair by Christmas. They are knit of Tofuttsies on size 2 needles and they are going to be for my mom.
My original plan was to knit the French Silk Sock Pattern from Knitting Vintage socks by Nancy Bush (too tired to link it.) I knit the cuff and then got into the leg pattern and decided the leg pattern is too intricate for the yarn which is kinda busy in itself so I just knit them plain after the cuff.
This picture is pretty accurate as far as colors go. My mom's favorite color is Fuschia and since these are a sort of Hot pink/fuschia I thought she'd like it. It actually varies a little too. If you look closely you can see that. The yarn goes from pink to deep burgundy to a very red red and back again, all while barberpoling with white. Pretty but I think the pattern would have been WAY too much.
Here's a close up of the cuff.
I don't know why it's kinda blurry.
The only downside? I find the yarn has a kind of weird smell. It's gotten better after I let it sit a bit but I think my hands smell funny after I knit with it. I'm not too worried because once they are washed I'm sure it won't be a big deal but for now I feel like I constantly need to wash my hands.
Oh well, they're worth it.

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