Monday, September 15, 2008

Blocking...Please wait.

It feels like so much has been going on but in actuality it's been the same old, same old.
I have been unpacking the last of our boxes. Yay! Finally. But our tiny apartment is still full of them so I still have a ways to go and I have been doing some knitting. I say some but really I have had a wicked case of startitis and it has made my attention span even less than usual.
I cast on 4 new pairs of socks. That doesn't mean that I finished any though. I just cast on more.
I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts though so most of what I have cast on is for that.
I have finished the knitting of my Mystery Stole 3 and it is blocking right now. It's very exciting. It's the first major lace project that I've done and it's so exciting I can hardly believe it.
I picked out the yarn for Mystery Stole 4 and I printed off the clues but I haven't actually wound the yarn or started yet. I'm excited to but I know that it requires some attention span. I'm not sure that I have enough attention span right now.
You can't tell but I'm typing really fast, I think it may be time to stop drinking coffee today. Hmm, maybe not, I have to do the laundry now.
I'll post pictures of new socks and such soon but it's really grey and icky today so I don't think anything will turn out.

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