Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, the humanity, I mean, the boxes

I know I've been absent. I keep saying that I will post more often and it ends up being less. The honest truth is that I haven't had much time to knit lately. I am having a little party on Sunday and I desperately need to get our tiny apartment box-free before then. I'm also working on getting a home-based business going so my time has been pretty full lately. As a matter of fact, I have a conference call today.

The main thing I have been knitting in the few spare moments that I can find, is my Mystery Stole 3. I somehow got myself signed up for Mystery Stole 4. I don't know how that happened really. Okay, I do. I did it. But now I feel guilty that I haven't finished 3 yet. As it happens I opened up a box the other day that it was in. Right there with the pattern and everything. I decided it was a sign that it needed to get finished so my little fingers are flying through it. The pattern is absolutely beautiful and I am actually working on the wing now so I think I'm getting close to done. At this point the rows are getting longer though. I haven't been entirely sure that I want a wing. I don't know if I want it to be asymmetrical or not but to be honest, I couldn't face knitting any more cat's paw lace. It's beautiful but I love that the pattern changes and that's what I crave.

I did manage to pick up the second trekking sock the other day but I only managed to knit two needles full of stitches before I had to go make dinner so that's pretty slow going too. Hopefully after this party I can find some more time to buckle down and get going on the Christmas gifts I have planned. Otherwise I have no hope of getting gifts done in time.

Plus, I have a wicked case of selfish startitis where all I want to do is start new projects for myself.

I did finish one thing. My Ogee Lace Skirt. Wanna see it? Okay.

hmm, see the problem here? I do. What happened was that I basically finished the whole thing one day, including the i-cord. Then, before I cast off, I tried it on. Oh My Word! It looked Horrible! I am not particularly small-tushied. It looked awful. I ripped the whole thing before I could think about it too much. I love the yarn and will definitely use it for something else. I just think this yarn with this project, not feeling the love.

On the plus side, I downloaded pretty much all of the Lime & Violet podcasts and now have been getting caught up on them while making dinner, doing dishes and or unpacking boxes. At least they make the time go by fast.

Well, I'm off to make dinner again. Maybe by next week, I'll find some more time to blog and knit. Later.

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