Monday, August 11, 2008

Avoiding Reality.

So, my apartment is still chock full of boxes. Boxes everywhere. They are mostly full of books or yarn. They are everywhere. So, of course, instead of unpacking them, I'm knitting frantically on my Ogee Lace Skirt. I think I'm just funky enough to pull it off and I have a bridal shower this weekend that I may be able to wear it to. Unfortunately, its not done yet. I have also managed to find my Mystery Stole 3 and since I have somehow signed up for Mystery Stole 4, it is a priority to me to get it done. I have a hard time just sitting and focusing on it. What I really need is a day-long marathon of some show that I'd like to watch so that I can just sit down and just plow through it.
Since I've done nothing but unpack lately and I have no finished projects to show you. Instead, I present, with no ado whatsoever,
The Yarnington's Adventures in the City.
The caption reads: Hmm,... I wonder how long it will take me to find that handpainted skein of red merino.
I'm sorry for the poor quality. We don't have a scanner so I had to make do with a picture of the comic. I actually had this idea and drew it up. Then I had a bunch more ideas so I'm working on them. You might be forced to see more of these guys. (I should note that the name: The Yarningtons is something that my husband came up with. I asked him to help me with a name and he immediately said that. I thought it was so cute that it stuck. My mom says that's scary because he's crossed over to my side.)
Well, I'm headed back to the sofa to knit on my Ogee. Later.

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