Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whooee. I have been gone for awhile, sorry. I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting. I had to (okay I was asked nicely and wanted to) go down to my mom's last weekend to help her friend's daughter who I am very close to; with a scrapbooking project. Did I mention I do a little scrapbooking? Plus I am working on quilt so I have been sewing on that lately too. I am not by any means an experienced quilter but I have always wanted to learn so I got this kit that is the Quilt Block of the Month. I bought the previous year's so I actually have all the blocks and it gives you hints and tips as you go along. It has all the fabric and it is already cut to the right sizes and tells you exactly how to sew it together. It is really helping me to learn. I have 5 of the squares sewn and so I have to finish the other 7 and decide how I am going to make it bigger. (It is for a full size bed and we have that now but we want to get a queen size so I want the quilt that big.)
So, excuses, excuses, I have been busy. Meanwhile, I did finish my Earl Grey/Brown socks and will post pictures as soon as I can get hubby to hold still long enough for him to model them (they are for him.) Meanwhile, I will be sitting under a quilt watching TV and knitting socks for my brother's birthday now.
It's been grey and drizzly here for over a week and I am SICK of it! It is especially brisk today so I am going to relax and knit.
Have a great day everyone.

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