Friday, October 26, 2007

Catching up

So, I had this intention of getting several blog posts in this week and somehow the whole week got away from me so here is the conglomeration of three short blog posts into one bigger blog post.
1. The birthday socks
These are the socks I was knitting for my brother Chris for his birthday. They were finished on time and gifted to him. He really liked them. Unfortunately this picture does not do them any type of justice. It is Trekking XXL sock yarn and it a strand of black or dark blue plied with a strand of changing color. It goes subtly from red to blue to orange and other colors. They are absolutely beautiful. I almost wish I had knit some for myself. I was a little bit concerned about the colors being too girly for him but he really liked them.

2. Dad's Christmas Felted clogs
Again, this is an AWFUL picture. Almost not worth even posting. But I wanted some proof that I am working on my Christmas project list. I have also started my brother-in-law's clogs and I should finish those next week. These are done and put to the side for Christmas though. Yum.
3. The sadness that is hubby's socks
Less than 72 hours after the Earl Grey/Brown socks were completed and given to hubby he was wearing them and this is what I see. A hole! I could have cried. Now normally, I am not one to fix a pair of socks but I think these things are cursed. I had so much frustration with them. I (in my own stupidity not by any fault of the pattern) messed up the pattern and had to tink back and fix. Then I would do it again, then I dropped a stitch. I finally finish the beasts and this is what happens?!?! What is wrong with the world?
I will be fixing these because I cannot stand the thought of working that hard on a pair of socks to have them ruined in less than 3 days.
Sigh, off to do more Christmas projects because I'm not ready to face the fixing.

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