Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I have no idea if that word is spelled right. It doesn't really look right and I don't feel like checking on it.
I have gotten very little knitting done because I went down to my mom's house last Wednesday and didn't come home until Friday, at which time, I came home with my two nieces for the weekend. This meant almost no knitting got done at all. I went down to my mom's house because a neighbor of my in-laws was kind enough to allow us to come out to his house and pick apples off his apple tree. We had a TON of apples and had to do something with them so we canned apple pie filling. It was a fun time and a lot of work. We finally got done on Friday and my brother stopped by and had fresh apple crisp with us. Then about ten minutes after he left, my grandpa and grandma stopped by. I left straight from my parents' house to go get my nieces and we had them until Sunday afternoon. It was a grand weekend and now I am trying to get caught up. I spent all day yesterday doing the laundry and now it is at reasonable levels and now today I need to get the dishes caught up. The men in this house just go kind of feral when you leave for a few days. You should have seen the state of our bed when I got home. The sheet and mattress pad were almost completely off the bed!
Oh well, back to getting things done and hopefully some knitting. (It's starting to get chilly outside and we haven't touched the furnace yet, but I think it may be time soon. This weekend it was actually hot though. We went to a local family farm with the girls to see animals and stuff and everyone was sweaty and hot when we left. Now it's starting to feel like October.)

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