Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

I had a great time at our family reunion weekend. It was at my cousin Hunter's house way out in the country so we had lots of room for everyone in RVs and campers and whatever else. There was some mud.

That's my brother rocking his 4-wheeler back and forth to try to get it out.
My cousin even got his larger two-seater really stuck.

My uncle brought up the tractor.

But that wasn't cutting it so my cousin's husband brought up his pickup and chain.

They did eventually get them out too!

Although somewhat dirtier than when they started.
My view looked like this.

It will not post straight. I didn't get all muddy this time, it was much more fun to watch. The food and drink flowed freely and the sleep was minimal but it was worth it!

There was even knitting by the bonfire, that may have just been me.
Some legal fireworks.
Including well-supervised sparklers.

And staying up late. I ended up watching the sun rise on Sunday morning!

It was beautiful and after I finished up a toe yesterday at home, with socks that smelled like delicious bonfire;

My May Vesper socks were done! The colorway is Pansies at the Phipps and they stripe almost perfectly!

The only difference is a tiny bit of lavender on one toe. I think I can live with that. I've got my June Vesper skein wound and started but I haven't decided if they'll be plain again or if I will do a pattern. I've got a few rounds of ribbing to go before I decide.

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