Monday, June 24, 2013

Plurk Sock Swap Package

About the only good thing about Monday as far as I'm concerned is the mail comes. Sometimes that can be bad too if it's full of bills but sometimes you get something awesome!

Today I got my Plurk Sock Swap package. My awesome swap buddy Heather sent me some wonderful things. A purple drawstring knitting bag from Bright Light Crafts that even has pockets inside, a skein of Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in Emeralds, Sapphires and Prince. I've never tried Desert Vista Dyeworks before and this 75% Superwash Merino/25% nylon yarn feels really nice. I can't wait to start knitting it. A really awesome bumper sticker that I have to find just the right place for (maybe on my spinning journal instead of my car) and some really pretty blue stitch markers. There's also a really nice card and some super cute cat post-its. She sent me my pattern through Ravelry and I got the Breaking Hearts Socks by Cristi H. Brockway. I can't wait to try it all out.
This whole experience has been so fun! I haven't done a swap like this before and I really enjoyed shopping for my swap partner and knowing that someone out there was shopping for me. Hopefully my partner will get her package soon too and I can send off her pattern then share what I tucked into her package.

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