Friday, June 21, 2013

Quenching the Craving

Once you become an experienced Knitter, Garter stitch becomes something new to you. Instead of being just a learning tool or even a staple in your Knitting diet, it becomes like junk food. You can love it and you can probably survive on it but eventually your brain is going to start begging for real food. For fruits and vegetables and complicated spices and nutrition. So many of the projects I've been knitting lately are garter stitch and I'm loving the ability to just zone out and knit, to read and knit or any number of other things but I was starting (I totally typed that as stitching.) to crave sustenance. Something bulkier, meatier. I was craving something complex. When I finished the Color Affection I couldn't resist any longer. I was craving something and garter stitch just couldn't quench it, neither could any of my other projects so I started digging through my Ravelry queue. It's gotten a little out of control so I refused to find something not in the queue. I looked through every single sock I had queued and finally settled on Lohengrin.
It's complicated and lovely and just what I was craving. Then I had to dig out yarn too of course and I finally settled on a skein of Malabrigo sock in color 854 Rayon Vert. In the skein it really looked very semisolid and I'm finding quite a bit of contrast now so I'm not sure that I love it but I need to get more rows into the chart to see if I like the way the stitches look before I decide.

It's very difficult to photograph, it's much more burgundy and less purple in person but it's just lovely and I love the feel of Malabrigo sock so I hope this works out.
The Plurk sock swap is done now, meaning I mailed off my package but she hasn't received it yet and I haven't received mine yet but I'm so excited for both of those things! I had so much fun choosing things for my swap buddy and since her favorite colors are out of my color comfort zone it was really a challenge sometimes too but a great challenge. I'm all nervous for her to love her package though and for me to love my package. Hopefully we'll find out soon!

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