Tuesday, March 05, 2013

From Gemstone to Shamrockin'

I finished some socks, I don't even know if I should really call them socks since they are so short but I did knit them and on 1s even (2.25mm) so I'm counting them. Otherwise I'd have to come up with a weird word like Socklette or something.

Aren't they cute? They're Vesper Sock Yarn in Gemstone and I really like them. They're meant to be for the summer when you're wearing Capri pants or shorts but the air conditioning is just too chilly to have bare feet. (That happens to me a lot in the summer.) It's hard to imagine summer right now though, we just got another big dump of snow. More than 6 inches for sure. March is so fickle.

If you are friends with me on Ravelry (and check your friend activity) you can see that I'm a little obsessed with Vesper sock yarn right now. I love it! I just keep buying it from people's destashes and stuff and then I hoard it. I have at least 9 skeins waiting to be knit and that still didn't stop me from buying this:

Oh look! Another skein of Vesper Sock Yarn. This one is called Shamrockin'. I'm in the Vesper group and we have a little KAL going on to knit Vesper in 2013 (which means I will probably need more) you set up your own goals and colorway choices. I didn't have one that was really calling to me for March and this went up on the Knitterly Things website and I just couldn't resist. It's so green and happy. I really love my Skew socks from the Witchy Woman and I'm thinking this would be fun in that pattern as well. Something a little different than the traditional plain sock, something to keep my interest a bit.

I just can't wait to cast on, as a matter of fact the post office took a long time to get this to me, I thought I would have it well before now so I am certain it won't make it through the day without being wound and cast on.

I'm also working on some spinning, it's a bit strange to go back and try to spin something different after the Fiber Optic but I'm spinning something pretty fun.

This is Finn and I'm spinning it for a friend. She purchased it from someone else's destash and since I wanted to play with it too, I offered to spin it for her. It's not a fiber I work with often but I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait to see what it turns out to be.

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