Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Fresh Start

I've been feeling the urge to cast on a sweater again but I've been holding myself back. Part of why I've been trying really hard to resist is because I'm so close to done with the Spoke sweater but I'm not quite finished yet. I keep trying to bribe myself to finish and I just can't do it. All the pieces are knit and they're all sewn together too. All that's left is to pick up stitches around and bind them off. So what's holding me back? I'm basically out of yarn. I have a very small amount left, not really enough. If I were just going to pick those up and bind them off like the pattern calls for, I would use a similarly colored handspun that I dug out of the stash but I really think I'm going to need to add some short rows onto the side of the half circle to make it fit the way I'd like it to. If I need to do that, I really would like more of the same yarn. I'm thinking it might end up languishing until May when I can attend the Shepherd's Harvest Festival here in Minnesota and see if I can find more of the same fiber. (I've looked online and can't find it but I've consistently seen it at Shepherd's Harvest and hope springs eternal.)

This week I just couldn't take it anymore though. I had been daydreaming about light, gauzy sweaters for the spring and I couldn't resist any more! I found some destashes of Malabrigo Lace on Ravelry, made a couple of purchases and found this lovely stuff in my mailbox on Tuesday.

It was even already wound up! How could I resist? Honestly, this Malabrigo lace was such a great deal too! With shipping and purchasing the pattern, we're looking at about a $27.00 sweater. Hours and hours of entertainment with a lovely sweater at the end and only 27 measly dollars? I can get on board with that!

It's being knit up into the Wispy Cardi by Hannah Fettig. It doesn't look like much of anything yet though. More updates to come when there's actual progress.

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