Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wrought Iron Finito!

I've been very good and sticking with the finishing even though I'm so not in the mood for finishing. I'm wanting to start new things. Shiny, pretty new yarn is waiting to be knit! I've been a good little Knitter though and I'm working on getting at least a few things actually done.
Awhile back and I do mean awhile, I looked it up, I started some socks. I joined the Solid Socks group on Ravelry and every month they have a chosen color or theme for their KAL. In October it was Purple and I dug out some lovely nom and started knitting. I got this Royal Purple in the nom of the month club but it's now available on their website.

I chose the Wrought Iron Socks from Wendy Johnson's second sock book: Toe-up Socks for Every Body. I love the look of these Austrian twisted stitches but I have to say; I didn't love knitting them.

I don't know if it was the combination of the yarn and needles (although they are soft and lovely now that they are done)  Or just the pattern which is a lot of tiny little cable crosses but I didn't really enjoy knitting them. The yarn was splitty with my KnitPicks Harmony Sock DPNs
I pushed on and knit the entire first sock, I even got the second sock to the heel flap which is kind of fun on toe-up socks because you decrease at each side of the heel flap. Then October Ended. I hadn't finished in time for the KAL and I wasn't loving them so I put them aside. I decided recently that I really wanted the socks though and I only had half a sock left to knit! I dug them out and started working on them again. I have to say, it was a struggle. I just wasn't loving the knit but today I finally, finally finished them!

I really do love the finished product.

They fit beautifully, I love the very bright purple (which is extremely hard to photograph! These are pale in comparison.) I love the cabley goodness. 
I will probably try the pattern again if I am in the mood for something like this but it isn't something that I'll rush right into. It is a challenge.
I did pay attention to details though, I mirrored all the cables.

You may or may not be able to tell from this photo but I know they're there. That's what really matters. Hah!
I still have a bin full of unfinished items but I'm not sure I can keep up the finishing much longer! 


Sava said...

They look amazing! I haven't worked on cabled socks yet. They're such intricate little cables.

JennaKate said...

Wow, Sarah, these turned out so gorgeous! Well worth the extra effort, they are a treasure.