Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finished Hat to Match it All

If you remember back a few weeks I spun up some Babydoll Southdown and I was completely smitten with it. Completely. I could barely wait to cast on and so I did (despite my large number of UFOs) and quickly churned out a hat. I chose the Orland Cabled Beret because I thought the yarn would look great in cables and it does!

It doesn't look like all that much from the top (although I love the little, teeny i-cord knot) but from the side is where you get the pop!

It's gonna look wonderful with almost everything I own! I can't wait! (Why does my nose always look ridiculous in my hat pictures?)
Since I finished those socks and now this hat, that means I can cast on something new right? I'm starting to get itchy fingers. (Just kidding, sort of.)

I'm sorry for my brevity in this post, I have a raging headache today but I wanted to get something up for my lovely readers!


Anonymous said...

It's adorable! And hat pictures ALWAYS look strange. I swear, if I ever get a good one I'll throw a party!

Lisa Christensen said...

very cute!