Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What is your "number"?

I had a lovely food post planned for today, I had pictures at the ready and I was set to go. I was excited about it too. I think people might be interested in this food post. Then my train of thought was derailed. Last night at Knit Night someone asked a question. A sort of loaded question so you might want to sit down if you're not already. We went around the table and answered this question.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Are you sure you're ready?

It can wait, are you really sure?

Okay, here goes. How many Unfinished projects do you have right now?

See what I mean? A loaded question. I don't really talk on my blog about how I move from project to project with little regard to getting something done. I do try to finish things occasionally but really I love the thrill of something new and so I often start things and never mention them. It's really okay because they often get frogged anyway. If they don't, they go into a bin and they get ignored until I think about them and then they get picked out and finished. Usually. Sometimes I can't even face them so they get shoved somewhere. Somewhere they can be forgotten.

I answered as truthfully as I could last night but then today, as I was casting on a new hat out of my lovely Southdown. You remember the southdown right?

The lovely 208 yards of 3-ply was just begging to be cast on. It is now but I was thinking about the question from last night. Pondering how many things I genuinely had on the go. I decided to get a little idea of how many there are. This is dangeous and I know it but now I had to know. I dug around a little bit. A very little bit, I didn't dig out old, horrible projects that need frogging or anything, I just dug around in the UFO basket in the living room and the UFO bin in the office.

Here is a representation of what I found.

This bin, this UFO bin from the living room here (which I did pretty up for its photo shoot, taking projects out of bags and things) is a fairly accurate representation of the*gasp* 25 or so projects I am currently working on. Now, that doesn't mean that I take them all out and actually work on them but these are projects I do have the intention of finishing. Someday. That's a lot. Twenty-five.

Many of these projects have been put aside for a specific reason. Honestly there's maybe 4 to 6 that I actually work on in a somewhat regular fashion but really, I was still floored at the number. This may explain why I've been feeling a little frazzled with my knitting lately. Why I don't seem to be able to make time to finish anything. It didn't stop me from starting the hat. It's there on the top of the bin but maybe it should slow me down a bit. Maybe, instead of starting anything new for a bit, I should finish something first. Maybe, just maybe, that's a good idea.

It also might explain why I can't find any size 1 dpns.

So now, I turn the question to my readers. How many projects are you working on? I shared my deep, dark secret number, what's yours?


Kellee - Ethereal Fibers said...

So, I say this without the intention of shaming anybody (I swear!), but I'm a total monogamous knitter. My thrill comes from accomplishing something, so I knit through things, start to finish.

There are two exceptions to this:
1 - I do knit hexipuffs. So sometimes if I haven't had much time for knitting, I'll whip out a quick puff in 30 minutes or so, even if I have a current WIP, just for that instant grantification.

Two of my knitting groups decided to both do Sock KALs at the same time. So I'm doing both of those. I'm knitting the first sock for one, then the first sock for the other one, and then the 2nd sock for the 1st KAL, and finally the 2nd sock for the 2nd KAL. I guess that still is fairly monogamous, but is as close to multi-WIPs as I guess.

I do have several WIPs floating around here somewhere, but those are abandoned projects destined to be frogged.

I think it is cool that you guys can work on multiple projects. I wish I could get myself to do it! :)

JessicaM said...

I think I guesstimated 12-18 WIPs when we were at knitting on Monday. Maybe I'll be all organized and try for an actual count this weekend.