Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Planning for Halloweening

I recently treated myself to something a little bit special. A skein of Vesper self-striping sock yarn in a Halloween colorway.

It's called Witchy Woman and I thought it was very pretty. I decided that I would knit some Halloween socks, I don't usually do that so it sounded fun. This skein stripes a lovely deep purple, neon green and black. It's even more fun when you wind it up and start knitting it!

I have one other skein of Vesper sock yarn but I haven't knit with it at all yet. I like it so far although it's another fine yarn that I chose to knit on 0s. Rather than doing the typical plain stockinette sock I decided to go a bit different and I'm knitting the Skew pattern. Fun yarn plus a fun pattern should make a really awesome pair of Halloween socks.

You may notice I'm not mentioning my other knitting, that's because I'm working on it but it looks pretty much exactly the same. I'm also not mentioning Christmas knitting (don't panic, you knew it was coming!) That's mainly because I'm not planning to do a whole lot of knitting this Christmas. I put far too much pressure on myself so I have decided that only a very few people will be getting hand knits this year. I'll have to bring it up at some point though.


Teresa said...

That sock pattern should look really cool in that yarn! Can't wait to see the finished socks!

JennaKate said...

Yay skew! Can't wait to see it!