Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn is Riveting

I can't seem to tell if I'm falling in love with fall or with my autumn shawl. Either way, it's finished!

I really love how it turned out. I had loads of fun taking pictures of it.

So, let's get right down to the Specs shall we?
The Specs:
The Yarn: nom from Gritty Knits in the Autumn colorway, it's a club colorway from last October so it should be available to the public now. 2 skeins.
The Needles: US 4
The Pattern: Simply Riveting Scarf by Megan Williams (a free pattern!)
The Notes: The pattern is written for one skein of DK weight yarn but I followed the directions for increasing in size and knit on needles I thought worked well with the lovely fingering weight yarn. I stopped knitting in stockinette at the area where I would have added a riveting row (when I was low on yarn) and added 6 rows of garter stitch to edge it. I have a wee little ball left that will be great for Hexipuffs.

I really wasn't too sure about the colors of this yarn when I first received it, I'm not a big yellow/brown fan but I decided to purchase a skein from someone's destash anyway and so had two just hanging out in the stash for a good long time before I decided to knit with it. I'm really glad I did, it's lovely to wrap around your shoulders now that it's getting colder outside. You can't get a very accurate picture of the shape of the shawl from the pictures I took, I'll have to have some photos of me wearing the shawl taken soon.

One project done, you know what that means!

I'm allowed to cast on something new. More about this lovely project later this week.

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