Wednesday, September 05, 2012

One Skyp Down

It's amazing how quickly socks knit on size US2 needles will go when you just finished a pair on size 0s. The first Skyp sock is done and I'm loving this pattern.
It's very simple and easy to execute but it look wonderful! I'm really glad I did decide to rip the ribbing and reknit it because the 2x2 ribbing flows so nicely into the sock pattern.

I'm not sure what it is about this colorway though, it's not my favorite so I've made these just a tiny bit big for me, I'm thinking they will be a Christmas gift. For someone pretty special though, this is nom after all! (The colorway, in case you love it is called Dusk and was a club colorway. It doesn't appear to be on the shop yet  but should be soon. I think it was June's colorway so it will be out this month or next month I believe.)

It's amazing how, if you keep your Ravelry project page updated you can see how many projects you have going at once. I'm amazed to find that I actually don't have that many so I'm thinking of starting a lovely cushy shawl for fall. I'm even thinking about using some nom. I have 2 skeins of a colorway that's very autumny and I think it would be perfect! Now to find just the right, simple pattern. I'm sure I have one in my queue.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, Great Blog, Do you knit yourself??? I have been learning how to and finding it to be interesting...