Friday, June 01, 2012

Chock Full of Beaded Goodness

I've been knitting away on Evenstar and little else (I would link the pattern but I can't get Ravelry to load right now and I have linked it before so if you're interested, look a post back). I really am ready for it to be done so it's been all beading, all the time around here.

If it didn't look so good I would have taken a break from it but it still takes my breath away when I look at it.

I still find it hard to believe that I could have knit it.

I'm over halfway around it with the edging, trying to do 2 repeats each day. So far it's working pretty well, although I do want it done now so I should really step it up. If only I hadn't started playing Lord of the Rings Online with my husband, I'd have way more knitting time.

But it's Lord of the Rings and as evidenced by my knitting a shawl called Evenstar, I am a pretty big Lord of the Rings nerd. Well, a pretty big nerd altogether really.

I just dry-pinned out a small section of the edging for you to see, I haven't truly blocked it at all. I'm waiting until the whole thing is finished. At which point I will probably have to buy more pins and wish for blocking wires.

The spinning has been pretty sparse lately because my knee still isn't at 100% from when I hurt it awhile back so I've been trying to rest it as much as possible.

That also means that I haven't been doing much exercising. It's hard because it's so beautiful outside and I want to be out there but my body does NOT want to cooperate. I haven't mentioned it much on the blog but losing some weight and feeling better about myself have been my goals for awhile and I'm still eating well and making better food choices so I've still lost some weight but I do want to start exercising more often too.

I'd actually like to start mentioning food and exercise and such on the blog since I cook so much and it's a large part of my life but I'm not sure about whether you, my gentle readers would be interested in that. Leave me a comment. Tell me:
a) Definitely talk about food and going Gluten Free here.
b) Start another blog about Food because I'm here for knitting content.
c) I'm not interested in your Gluten Free Adventures at all so keep me out of it.
d) Some other option I haven't thought of.

Hope to hear from you soon and I promise to try and be better about blogging more often. The last couple of weeks just got away from me.


JessicaM said...

I think you should talk about whatever you want here. :-)

and if you want to borrow my blocking wires, let me know.

Teresa said...

Blog about any and all things you care to share! You are not just a knitter and just because I may not be interested in eating gluten free (for example), I may still find something of interest in your post and am here to say 'go for it' in whatever you endeavor to do!

JennaKate said...

Food!!! You know I'm in full support, it's your blog and there's enough room on it for whatever you're passionate about!

PixelMonster said...

Blog about everything! I love reading what you're up to. :-)