Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Day

I had this really grand plan that I was going to blog today since I haven't yet this week and that's terrible but I caught a cold this weekend and so my day has gone like this:

Vaguely wake up while hubby is getting ready for work. Acknowledge that it is storming. Get told to go back to sleep. Amazingly go back to sleep. (Mostly be amazed that you can sleep when you can't seem to breathe) Wake up. Wonder what time it is because it's very dark out. Blow nose. Figure out what time it is. Lie in bed watching TV and blowing nose. Decide you don't want to make coffee because you can't taste it anyway and why waste good coffee when you can't taste it. Blow nose. Drink tea. Get bored of lying in bed. Decide that really, taking a shower would make you feel a lot better. Procrastinate for 2 hours by playing on the computer and blowing nose. Decide again that the shower is a really brilliant idea. Peel off pajamas, blow nose and get in the shower. Forget shower routine because your head is too fuzzy. Get dizzy and feel like passing out. Realize that if you do pass out you will have to lie on the floor bleeding until hubby gets home. Realize that it will be 4 hours until he gets home. Decide to get out of the shower pretty fast. Cough a lot. Put on clothes and lie down. Play on the computer while blowing nose 1200 times. Put a roast in the oven. Play on computer and blow nose some more. Wonder how there is anything left of nose after all the blowing. Drink tea and eat Gluten free cookies. Decide to take pictures of fiber from this month's clubs because you are sick of lying in bed. Find fiber and camera. Take pictures while nose drips. Put away fiber (sort of) and try to find camera cord. Decide camera cord is not worth passing out. Lie down.

So, there you have it. I have nothing interesting to show you because that was pretty much my whole day. More later when I feel a little better can find my stinking camera cord.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better!