Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bead 1, Knit 1

Somehow it managed to get to Tuesday without me even realizing it. I try to blog on Tuesdays and this week it seems to be flying by and I don't feel like I have anything interesting to show for it.

I'm knitting a border on Evenstar. It has beads, it's taking forever. If I do 4 more repeats I will be halfway. That's 200 more beads. Kinda scary sounding isn't it? I'm trying to do 2 repeats per day but the last couple of days sort of got away from me so instead I'm trying to catch up. For those of you who don't know, Evenstar has 56 repeats of the border around. There are 5 beads on each beaded row which is half of the repeat (on the wrong side rows). Each repeat is 20 rows. That means 5 beads per repeat x 10 rows with beads in each repeat = 50 beads per repeat. Yup, it's scary that math. It's going along pretty well but like I said there are a lot of beads. That slows me down a lot.

I have a system in which I load my crochet hook with 5 beads, knit the right side row and then the wrong side row with the beads then load more beads. It seems to be working but it looks pretty boring. Do you really want pictures of that?

I'll go bead and knit for awhile now. Maybe pictures later this week.

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Jennifer Plas said...

I look forward to the pictures :)