Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Monogamous Knitter?

Once again my computer and camera seem to be having a spat so instead of fighting with them, I've decided to just use a crappy cell phone picture again.

I've actually been pretty monogamous with my knitting lately, it's so unusual for me but I love the progress so I can't complain. I'm working on Evenstar, as I mentioned before. The pattern is so beautifully written and I'm absolutely loving watching each element emerge.

It makes it worthwhile to just sit and knit on one thing.

This weekend I will be attending Shepherd's Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo, MN. I'm leaving on Friday so this may be the only blog post this week but I'll be bringing Evenstar and maybe a couple of socks to knit, that's all. I intend to finish this baby soon!

I'm still debating the beads in the edging. Yes, they would be gorgeous but they take forever, I would have to buy them because I don't have the right ones right now and I'm just not sure. We'll see what happens when I finally get to that point.

I did go to see the Avengers this past weekend. If you know my husband, you know why but I loved it! I started a new sock project to knit during the movie. (My husband was appalled. He actually asked me: "Are you really going to knit during this movie?" I said: "Have you met me? YES!") Since I couldn't knit Evenstar during the movie and my current sock projects are patterned, I dug out some yarn and started something else. You'll have to wait and see and see the boring plain socks I'm knitting, I can't get a decent picture with my phone. The color is washed out no matter what I do.

In the meantime, I'm going to knit on Evenstar some more and pretend that I'll have it done by this weekend. (Hah!)

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Anonymous said...

The lace is simply gorgeous.