Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shepherd's Harvest 2012 Recap

Last weekend was Shepherd's Harvest Festival. It was a blast! My friend WoolPrincess and I went down on Friday afternoon and luxuriously (for us) stayed in a hotel. It's luxurious because we usually camp. It was a great time. Very relaxing and lots of knitting got done.

WoolPrincess was taking classes but I decided not to. She has lovely baskets to show for it. She took 2 basket classes and has 4 baskets. Well, a couple aren't woven yet but she's excited about it anyway.

Prince William came along and he had a great time too!

He briefly considered living in a Yurt. We decided it wouldn't have enough room for all our furniture. It was for sale though.

 He got a little wild and took his hat off for the Hammered Dulcimer player. This guy was great! He had a cart with instruments on it and he moved it around and played various instruments. The lady who whooped and applauded extremely loudly when he started up with the banjo was a little disturbing though.

He checked out my friend Karen's booth. It has lots of lovely dyed yarn, fiber and homemade jelly. We brought home a jar of homemade jelly. I keep forgetting to try it though. I know she makes wonderful stuff!
We even spent some time knitting outside. Even in beautiful sunlight I cannot get a good picture of this yarn. It's much, much brighter green that that. I was knitting shorter socks to wear in the summer with capri pants and such. I say was because they are finished but the final specs will have to wait.

We capped off the amazing weekend with knitting at Caribou with Audrey! That's my friend who moved far, far away but is back for a visit.
I was pretty conservative but I did bring home a few goodies. (Please ignore the package of epsom salt on my kitchen table. It's for plant-watering.)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and a well needed rest. Back to the grind this week of course though! I'm spending my week putting the house back in order and debating beads for the Evenstar border. More on that later too.


Anonymous said...

I overheard on Sunday morning that the yurt did sell. How much, I don't know.


Teresa said...

Darn, I didn't see you or the Wool Princess. Glad you enjoyed the festival. Looks like you scored a nice haul!